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We are the world leaders in cost competitive environmental pallets >

made from
100% recycled plastic waste

Waste plastic is a major global issue. Over 300 million tonnes of plastic was produced in 2014 and this is projected to reach well over 600 million tonnes per annum by 2034. Only 14% of this is being captured by recycling systems. The rest is going to landfills, incineration or otherwise escaping into ecological systems. Our pallets are made from 100% recycled plastic waste, thereby reducing landfill and plastics seeping into our oceans and natural habitat.

protecting the world’s resources

Timber consumption is a serious issue facing the pallet industry. The market is dominated by timber pallets, with 93% of the five billion new pallets produced each year made out of wood. This means that the pallet industry consumes a staggering 40% of the world’s entire timber production. By manufacturing plastic pallets Range International is offering a genuine sustainable solution to a very real environmental problem.

our community &
social responsibility

Range International has engaged in many local initiatives in Bali, with the primary objective of educating and enabling local communities to manage their plastic waste. Examples of these initiatives include the “Clean up the Rivers” program, school education workshops, local “Keep Clean and Green” programs, in collaboration with Bali Government departments and local Regencies.

our unique
ThermoFusion™ technology

Range International has developed the proprietary ThermoFusion™ technology that enables the production of pallets from 100% recycled mixed waste plastic. After salvaging the mixed waste plastic we create a malleable dough using our unique ThermoFusion™ technology.

This avoids the expensive process of grading and sorting the waste material. Using compression molding, the dough is then pressed into molds to produce pallets. The result are pallets that have outstanding strength, durability and are uniform in dimension and weight.

Our space-saving nestable design is very economical to distribute both locally and internationally, requiring only one third of the space required by wooden pallets. The pallets do not absorb moisture, are resistant to fungi and infestation, and can easily be fitted with RFID devices.

our process