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    a unique investment opportunity >

Re>Pal offers a unique combination of products meeting a emerging market need

Re>Pal offers interested parties an established infrastructure and opportunity to participate in a growth segment of the pallet market as evidence by MNCs using and trialing Re>Pal pallets to adopt a circular economy model.

Proven and Unique IP

A unique mixed waste IP which recycles a wide range of plastics. including customer’s waste to produce 100% recycled Re>Pal Pallets.

Positioned for Industry Tailwinds

Well positioned to service large corporates now migrating to circular economy model, including recycling their own waste.

Strong Pipeline of Blue-Chip Clients

Already embedded in long sales pipelines (12-24 months) of prospective and existing large blue-chip clients transitioning to Re>Pal.

Existing and Developed Infrastructure

Capitalise on the factory infrastructure, know how, relationships and an opportunity that is close to profitability.

Restructured Business under New Management

Since the appointment of Stephen Bowhill as CEO in 2018, Range has restructured and now has the operational model right.